Sex Addiction Training Program with you in mind!  The program is 47 hours on DVD and includes a workbook for you to take notes.

Dr. Weiss developed this program utilizing his own proven methodology and modality, as well as his clinical application for treating sexual addiction.  In addition, he utilizes more than 200 sources.  With this AASAT training, you will gain proven clinical insight into treating addictive behaviors, involving pornography, prostitutes, multiple affairs plus training on counseling their partners and adult children.


Our Partners Recovery Training is put together exactly like our other training programs, designed with the focus on your time capability and built with flexibility so that you can easily integrate your training into your already busy schedule.

Our academic reference quality is carried through in this in-depth Partners Recovery Training, too!  Our workbook for this program also contains the bibliography that our other training programs offer.


Intimacy Anorexia is a real addiction and a problem in today’s marriage.  By taking this training you’re not only gathering valuable information with all the academic references available, but you’re learning priceless tools to help couples take back their marriage!

This is the only training to become certified to treat Intimacy Anorexia. Dr. Weiss developed this training program utilizing his own, proven methodology and modality as well as his clinical application for treatment.

This growing issue of Intimacy Anorexia will need your competent help in your community.  Now, you can be prepared to identify it and treat it.  All with just 30 hours of training.


AASAT provides premiere training for counselors, coaches, clergy and the recovery community for:

Each training program was created with you in mind. Your schedule, your desire to not leave your family or work to receive training and at a cost you can afford.

You being equipped to identify key issues for each population is important to your training. You being able to skillfully and intelligently help your clients move through the stages of recovery is a major focus for any of the training programs AASAT offers.

At AASAT we are committed to quality training programs with quality results for you and your clients we hope you become a part of our growing family of clinician, clergy, and coaches that are changing people lives.


Douglas Weiss, Ph.D.

Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. is  a Licensed Psychologist and the President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy. He is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of Sexual Addiction, Partners of Sex Addicts and Intimacy Anorexia. He has been counseling sexual addicts, spouses and family members for almost 30 years.  He is the founder of the term Intimacy Anorexia and developed the treatment in this field of psychology. He has written several books on these subjects and has had a made for television movie, international documentary on his treatment of sexual addiction. He also is a regular media guest and has appeared on OPRAH, Dr. Phil and many other shows. He is currently the Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center, located in Colorado Springs, CO.