Application And Forms

Use These Documents To Submit Your AASAT Certification.

These applications and forms will help you become certified through the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy. Our certifications are available for licensed therapists, life coaches, and pastoral counselors. Please fill out the appropriate application for your certification level after completing an AASAT training. Once your application is approved, we will contact you to setup your certification testing and supervision with Dr. Weiss.

AASAT Applications

For Licensed Counselors: AASAT Recovery Therapist

Apply for a Recovery Therapist Certification. This certification level is for therapists who hold a masters degree and counseling license. This level includes the SRT, PRT, and IAT certifications.

For Coaches:
AASAT Recovery Coach

Apply for a Recovery Coach Certification. This certification level is for life coaches who are certified through an approved life coach program. This level includes the SRC, PRC, and IAC certifications.

For Pastoral Counselors: AASAT Pastoral Counselor

Apply for a Pastoral Counselor Certification. This certification level is for ministry leaders with masters degrees or five years of ordained experience. This level includes the SRPC, PRPC, and IAPC certifications.

Other AASAT Forms

Application Checklist

The Application Certification Checklist provides a list of all the documents you need to submit for your AASAT application.

Requirements For Certification

This list contains the 10 certification steps. 

Requirements For Certificate Of Completion

This list contains the 7 certificate of completion requirements. Download and print this list.

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