Certification through AASAT is available for Licensed Therapists, Pastoral Counselors and Life Coaches.* After successful completion of the 47 hour program, to become certified through AASAT, please fill out the below application. Once approved, you will be contacted to take an online test and begin supervision with Dr. Weiss.

Application for Therapists:

Sexual Recovery Therapists (SRT)
Partners Recovery Therapist (PRT)
Intimacy Anorexia Therapist (IAT)

Application for Pastoral Counselors:

Sexual Recovery Pastoral Counselor (SRPC)
Partners Recovery Pastoral Counselor (PRPC)
Intimacy Anorexia Pastoral Counselor (IAPC)

Application for Coaches:

Sexual Recovery Coach (SRC)
Partners Recovery Coach (PRC)
Intimacy Anorexia Coach (IAC)

*For more information on approved Life Coach training programs, please contact us at 719-330-2425.