Become A Recovery Coach

Becoming A Coach Allows You To Become AASAT Certified!

Recovery Coach Training Steps

Step One:
Complete An Approved Life Coach Training Course

Complete An Approved Life Coach Training Course

Life coaching is different from counseling. It is a form of talking therapy that is used to empower others to turn their lives around. Our Recovery Coaches must complete an approved life coach training program before they can be fully certified as an AASAT Recovery Coaches.

If you need training as a coach, we have partnered with The International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches to help you become a Certified Professional Recovery Coach. In order to be certified you will need to complete the following program:

Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC)

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

If you are already a current Certified Life Coach please call 719.330.2425 to verify approval.

Step Two:
Complete An AASAT Training Program

Complete An AASAT Training Program

The next step to becoming an AASAT Certified Coach is to complete an AASAT training program. Our AASAT training programs prepare you to counsel, treat, and help people who are struggling with sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia as well as the partners of the addicts.

The AASAT Sex Addiction Training focuses on recovery from sex addiction and breaking free from addictive behaviors including pornography, adultery, affairs, and lust.

The AASAT Partners Recovery Training empowers you to help the partners and spouses of addicts recover from their trauma and understand the addiction that ravaged their lives along with the emotions involved.

The AASAT Intimacy Anorexia Training helps you understand what intimacy anorexia is and how you can help people who are experiencing this addiction in their relationships.

Complete And Submit The AASAT Application Certification Checklist

Step Three:
Complete And Submit The AASAT Application Certification Checklist

After you have completed the AASAT training program, you can submit your Application Certification Checklist. This checklist helps you organize and keep track of all of the documents you need to submit to become certified through the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy.

Complete 6 Months Of Supervision With Dr. Doug Weiss

Step Four:
Complete 6 Months Of Supervision With Dr. Doug Weiss

The final step to becoming a fully certified Recovery Coach is to complete a six month supervision program with Dr Doug Weiss or with one of our licensed counselors trained by Dr Weiss. This program involves weekly phone conference calls to discuss critical issues, best treatment practices, and other pertinent issues surrounding your training on sex addiction and intimacy anorexia and on understanding your clients better. 

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