Resources for Clients

These Books And DVDs Can Help You Understand
The Healing Process Better.

These books, workbooks, and DVD  will help you understand clients better as they work through dealing with sex addiction, intimacy anorexia, or as a partner of one of those addictions. We recommend these titles to both counselors and counseling clients alike.

Resources for the Addict

The Final Freedom book gives readers more information about freedom from addiction than many professional counselors have today. In addition to informing sex addicts and their partners about sex addiction, this book creates hope for recovery. This information would cost hundreds of dollars in counseling hours in a formal treatment setting. Many people have successfully recovered using this information.

The 101 Freedom Exercises book is the best single resource for Christians who desire to be free from sex addiction. It contains steps they can take to be and stay free. This book contains 101 exercises that have been proven to work and the best techniques that have helped thousands obtain their freedom from sexual addiction.

The Steps To Freedom book is a Christian approach to the Twelve Steps of recovery. This book will guide you through the 12 Steps that have been helpful for many addicted people. This book is specifically written for the person desiring recovery from sexual addiction.

Helping Her Heal is a DVD for men who have disclosed their sexual addiction. This video gives you practical tools for hearing the pain of a partner or spouse, navigating her grief, dealing with loss, discovering her expectations of you, and defining the boundaries she may need to heal.

Resources for the Partner

The Partners: Healing From His Addiction book contains the latest research concerning how living with sexual addicts affects women. It contains statistic on addiction along with personal stories of recovery. This resource brings hope into situations involving sex addiction – allowing for personal recovery.

The Partners Recovery Guide workbook is the most practical workbook for partners of sex addicts. This book was complied from over fifteen years of counseling partners of sex addicts. The exercises help women recover from the effects of being in a relationship with a sex addict.

Beyond Love is an interactive workbook that gives partners of sex addicts insight into their relationships and situation. It helps them find strength through working the Twelve Steps of recovery. It can be used for individual studying or used as a group step study workbook.

Now That I Know, What Should I Do is a DVD that helps answer questions about a partner’s sex addiction. Dr. Weiss answers questions like: How did he get this way? Am I to blame? What does recovery look like? Is he an Intimacy Anorexic? These questions and others. Find healing from the hurt and loss sex addiction causes.

Resources for the Intimacy Anorexic

Intimacy Anorexia book discusses how this hidden addiction is leaving many marriages in ruins. It contains stories from intimacy anorexics and their partners and spouses, tips to combat this addiction, and ways to recover from the lack of intimacy.

The Intimacy Anorexia Workbook contains over 100 exercises which help you understand and fight intimacy anorexia. Many of them were taken directly from Dr. Weiss’s direct experience with anorexic clients in his counseling practice. Treating intimacy anorexia is a step by step process. These exercises show you how.

Intimacy Anorexia Steps is a 12 Step workbook for intimacy anorexia. The Twelve Steps have helped millions heal from many types of addiction. This is the only Twelve Step workbook that deals only for intimacy anorexia. Each step in the book gives intimacy anorexics progress in healing from intimacy anorexia.

The Intimacy Anorexia DVD explains the “why doesn’t my partner want to be intimate with me?” question. It includes 90 minutes of ground-breaking information on sexual, emotional, and spiritual anorexia which open new insights for individuals or couples who are dealing with intimacy anorexia.

Resources for the Partner of an Intimacy Anorexic

The Married and Alone book uncovers why some partners and spouses feel married and alone due to intimacy anorexia. This book is different from the Intimacy Anorexia book because it approaches the relationship from the partner’s perspective. These men and women feel unloved, uncherished, untouched and disconnected inside their marriage.

The Married and Alone Exercises book helps partners and spouses impacted by intimacy anorexic behavior work through concepts and understand things better. These exercises help them successfully recover from their spouse’s intimacy anorexia.

The Married and Alone 12 Step Guide helps partners and spouses work through the twelve steps of recovery as a partner in an intimacy anorexic relationship. This guide is for people who are on the path to recovery.

The Married and Alone DVD is for the spouse of an intimacy or sexual anorexic. You may feel disconnected, untouched, and often unloved. You are not crazy, and Dr. Weiss will help you to start a journey of recovery from living with your spouse’s addiction.

Resources for Partner Betrayal Trauma

The Partner Betrayal Trauma™ Book helps you understand the broken trust and trauma you have experienced in your relationship or marriage. Dr. Doug Weiss walks you through what betrayal trauma looks like in your life, how it affects you, and steps you can take to become stronger and recover.

The Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ Workbook contains exercises which go along with the Partner Betrayal Book. This workbook honors your journey, validates your pain and gives you a proven path to empower yourself back to the amazing woman you were before the trauma.

The Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ Step book helps you work through the betrayal you experienced. These steps can be walked through by yourself, with a sponsor, friend or a partners betrayal group. You did not cause the betrayal, however the pain from the betrayal is yours to heal. You are worth all the work you will put into your healing.

Partner Betrayal Trauma™,is a unique type of trauma that is specific to your situation and relationship. It can contribute to secondary effects like PTSD, health problems, and depression. In this DVD set, Dr. Weiss walks you through the path to recovery and healing from Partner Betrayal Trauma ™.

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