Resources for Sexual Addiction

This book gives more current information than many professional counselors have today. In addition to informing sex addicts and their partners about sex addiction, it gives hope for recovery. The information provided in this book would cost hundreds of dollars in counseling hours to receive. Many have attested to successful recovery from this information alone. Click Here for Sample

This is the best single resource for the Christian who desires to know what they need to do to get and stay free from sexual addiction. This book contains 101 exercises that have been proven to work. In this book you receive the best techniques that have helped thousands already obtain their freedom from sexual addiction. Click Here for Sample

This is a Christian approach to the Twelve Steps. This book will guide you through the 12 Steps of recovery that have been helpful for many addicted people. This book is specifically written for the person desiring recovery from sexual addiction. Click Here for Sample

This DVD is for the man who has disclosed his sexual addiction. Helping Her Heal offers practical tools for hearing her pain, navigating her grief and losses, discovering her expectations of you and the boundaries she may need to heal. This DVD can save you many long nights and ongoing counseling when these tools are applied. Take advantage of Dr. Weiss’ more than 20 years of professional experience counseling partners of sex addicts. Click here for a Sample

Resources for Partners

This book is the latest in research of the affects on a woman who has lived with a sexual addict. The riveting statistics combined with personal stories of recovery make this a have to read book for any woman in a relationship with a sex addict. You are also offered hope and a beginning plan for personal recovery. Click Here for Sample

This is by far the most practical workbook for partners of sex addicts. The workbook comes from over fifteen years of successfully working with partners of sex addicts. This is like therapy in a box for women who want to walk through the residual effects of being in a relationship with a sex addict. Click Here for Sample

This is an interactive workbook that allows the partners of sex addicts to gain insight and strength through working the Twelve Steps. This workbook can be used for individual purposes or used as a group step study workbook. Click Here For Sample

When you find out your husband is a sex addict you will have questions. Dr. Weiss has been listening to women’s heartfelt questions like:

  • How did he get this way?
  • Am I to blame?
  • What does recovery look like?
  • Is he an Intimacy Anorexic?

These questions and so many more are answered in a thorough and practical manner. Your pain and betrayal are real and are addressed in this DVD series. You deserve the best answer to your questions and in just under 2 hours you can have them answered for you. Click here for a Sample

Resources for Intimacy Anorexia

This hidden addiction is destroying so many marriages today. In your hands is the first antidote for a person or spouse wit anorexia to turn the pages on this addiction process. Excerpts from intimacy anorexics and their spouses help this book become clinically helpful and personal in its impact to communicate hope and healing for the intimacy anorexic and the marriage. Click here for a Sample

This is like therapy in a box. You will be exposed to over 100 exercises that have already been proven helpful in Dr. Weiss’ practice of treating intimacy anorexia step by step the anorexia is taken from withholding intimacy to be able to give intimacy if they do these crucial exercises. Click here for a Sample

The Twelve Steps have helped millions heal from many types of addiction. This is the only Twelve Step workbook just for intimacy anorexia. Each step in the book gives intimacy anorexics progress in healing from intimacy anorexia. Click Here for Sample

This DVD explains the age old question, “Why doesn’t my partner want to be intimate with me?” It includes 90 minutes of up-to-date information on sexual, emotional and spiritual anorexia and can open new insights for individuals or couples to begin a life of intimacy. This DVD will give you the characteristics, causes and strategies of intimacy anorexia. This DVD also provides solutions for the intimacy anorexic to start their road to recovery. Click here for a Sample

When people marry they hope to have a life of closeness and connectedness with our spouse. Surprisingly, some spouses realize after their wedding that they feel married and alone. These men and women feel unloved, uncherished, untouched and disconnected inside their marriage. It is very likely they married someone who struggles with intimacy anorexia. This book will not only unlock the understanding of intimacy anorexia, gives detailed examples of the experiences of men and women who are spouses of intimacy anorexics and feel married and alone. Click Here for Sample

This guide will bring about healing for those impacted by their spouse’s intimacy anorexic behavior. This is the first workbook to offer practical suggestions and techniques to appropriately navigate through the recovery. Within the pages of this workbook, spouses of intimacy anorexics will find many tried and true exercises that have helped others successfully work through their personal recovery from their spouse’s intimacy anorexia. Click Here for Sample

Being married and alone is painful and has several losses.This guide is for the spouses of intimacy anorexics who are on the path to recovery. This Twelve Step guide will help the spouse of an intimacy anorexic work through the Twelve Steps that many others have found to be helpful in their recovery. Click Here for Sample

This DVD is for the spouse of an intimacy/sexual anorexic. You feel disconnected, untouched and often unloved. You are not crazy and Dr. Weiss will help you to start a journey of recovery from living with a spouse with intimacy/sexual anorexia. Click here for a Sample