Supervision is a weekly teleconference call with Dr. Weiss and the other AASAT trainees. This call takes place weekly and your Supervision lasts for six months. The cost is $45 per session and is billed monthly on the first of each month. This usually works out to $180 a month, however, on months where you have five sessions the charge is $225. Your final month is prorated based on how many sessions you have left to complete your six months.

This Supervision is unique from other training programs:

  • Your Supervision is with Dr. Weiss.
  • You’re not required to travel for your Supervision.

You can go through Supervision for any combination of our training programs simultaneously, rather than having to go through six months of Supervision separately for each.

The only time frame that applies for Supervision is that it lasts for six months. The start date of your Supervision is up to you. Need to delay it a month to clear your schedule? You can take that time to do so.

Contact us for more information on supervision